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North Lake

The North Lake Specific Plan (NLSP), adopted in 1997 and amended in 2007, provides neighborhood-specific design and land use regulations for an approximately 107-acre area in northern Pasadena. The NLSP generally encompasses North Lake Avenue between Elizabeth and Maple Street. It also includes the area along Washington Boulevard between El Molino and Catalina Avenue and Villa and Maple Streets between El Molino and Wilson Avenue. Orange Grove Boulevard is another important corridor serving adjacent residential neighborhoods. Villa Street is a significant bicycle greenway parallel to the I-210 freeway and the Metro A Line. Several distinct neighborhoods with unique identities surround the plan area, including Bungalow Heaven, Historic Highlands, and Washington Square. There are also several community parks and other amenities within walking distance of North Lake Avenue.

With the adoption of the 2015 General Plan, there is an opportunity to incorporate low-medium scale residential development on infill sites throughout the area, while preserving and celebrating historically significant properties and architectural characteristics and supporting a more pedestrian-oriented streets environment.







North Lake Specific Plan area boundary, with radius line showing distance relation to the Lake Metro L Line station.

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2007 North Lake Specific Plan


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Specific Plan Areas

  • Central District
  • East Colorado
  • East Pasadena
  • Fair Oaks/Orange Grove
  • Lamanda Park
  • Lincoln Avenue
  • North Lake
  • South Fair Oaks