The City of Pasadena recently updated its General Plan – which guides future growth and development and sets priorities for investment in Pasadena. It is now time to update Pasadena’s Specific Plans and the Zoning Code to align them with the vision, goals, and policies of the General Plan. In order to put the “plan” in motion, the Planning & Community Development Department will engage the community  – residents, businesses, and students – to create new development standards and guidelines that will reinforce and create vibrant, economically strong areas that balance preservation of distinct community character, urban form, and historic resources with consistent implementation of the General Plan. This program will be a three-year effort to update all of Pasadena’s Specific Plans and the Zoning Code.

Why are we updating the Specific Plans and the Zoning Code?

The existing Specific Plans and the Zoning Code predate the General Plan Updates. While many aspects of the existing Specific Plans and the Zoning Code are still relevant, the General Plan introduces some new ideas and priorities, and it is important that these plans and the code are updated to ensure the intent of the General Plan can be realized.



Program Goals:

  • Design Specific Plans that implement the General Plan and comply with applicable State and federal requirements.
  • Create Specific Plans that reflect community values.
  • Create Specific Plans that are concise, graphically rich, well-integrated, and user- friendly.
  • Generate Zoning Code that will be consistent with the General Plan and well-coordinated with the Specific Plans.




Community Engagement
& Plan Development


Adoption & Implementation



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