Fair Oaks/Orange Grove

The Fair Oaks/Orange Grove Specific Plan, adopted in 2002, provides neighborhood-specific design and land use regulations for an approximately 171-acre area in northwest Pasadena. This Specific Plan area is generally bounded by Woodbury Road to the north, Raymond Avenue and Oakland Avenue to the east, Maple Street to the south and Lincoln Avenue, Morton Avenue, Sunset Avenue, and Linder Alley to the west. Notable assets in the Specific Plan area include La Pintoresca Park and Library, Robinson Park, the Jackie Robinson Center, and the Boys and Girls Club of Pasadena.

Existing Resources 

2002 Fair Oaks/ Orange Grove Specific Plan

Pasadena Zoning Code

Specific Plan Updates

Round 1 Workshop
(July 2018)

Round 2 Workshop

Round 3 Workshop