Lincoln Avenue

In November 2021, the City Council unanimously adopted a new Specific Plan for Lincoln Avenue (LASP). The new plan is now effective.

The new LASP provides neighborhood-specific development standards and land use regulations for the 1.1 mile section of Lincoln Avenue between Hammond Street on the south and the northern City boundary, just north of Montana Street. 

The new LASP reflects the ideas and feedback generated through a multi-phase community engagement effort conducted between 2018 and 2021 facilitated by the City’s Planning & Community Development Department. The new LASP would replace the previous 2013 LASP, redefining plan boundaries, vision, goals, and policies, as well as updating standards for new development and the types of uses supported in this plan. It is envisioned that over time, the new LASP would help establish Lincoln Avenue as the heart of the greater residential neighborhood where commercial and multi-family uses co-exist in a walkable, vibrant environment with public realm improvements that create a cohesive and well-connected corridor.

LASP plan area

For more details on the plan area please see the adopted plan document.

The new LASP builds upon the existing community assets, supporting new development that is contextually appropriate and enhances the area. It also strives to stimulate economic development and balance housing and employment opportunities in the area.

Specifically, the new LASP:

  • Encourages adaptive reuse of existing buildings, supports outdoor dining, and lessens the barriers to small businesses through updated parking requirements for commercial uses desired by the community;
  • Seeks to reduce the cost of housing by unbundling parking from the residential units;
  • Supports better tree health and larger tree canopy by requiring new development to comply with the new sidewalk requirements, including providing landscaped parkways with street trees that are planted on an appropriately sized tree well and an expanded root zone cell; and
  • Improves quality of life and open space access for multi-family residents by requiring new development to include more private and common open space.

The new LASP will be implemented over time as new development occurs. The LASP also includes targeted implementation programs intended to help guide and prioritize public realm improvements, such as streetscape enhancements to improve pedestrian comfort and safety that seek support the plan vision.

For more information on the recently adopted specific plan, read the new LASP. 




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Specific Plan Areas

  • Central District
  • East Colorado
  • East Pasadena
  • Fair Oaks/Orange Grove
  • Lamanda Park
  • Lincoln Avenue
  • North Lake
  • South Fair Oaks