East Colorado


Participants discussing active sidewalks and storefronts along Colorado Boulevard.

The Planning & Community Development Department along with Council District 2 Councilmember McAustin hosted an interactive walking tour of the East Colorado Specific Plan area, asking participants about their pedestrian experience, opportunities to improve the walking environment, and what types of uses should be introduced, preserved, or removed.

Walking Tour Agenda

Councilmember McAustin starts off the tour in front of Shatford Library.

The tour started at the lawn in front of Pasadena City College’s Shatford Library and ended at Rosebud Coffee. Participants wrote comments on walking tour worksheets/guides as they walked east along Colorado Boulevard. At the end of the tour, participants identified specific locations on large maps with image cards depicting desired uses.

What We Heard

The walking tour concluded with an interactive mapping exercise held at the Rosebud Coffee.

More than 45 community members attended the workshop and provided feedback on the future of East Colorado. The following represents major themes that emerged during the walking tour.

  • Consider views of the mountains when regulating future development
  • Liked “restaurant row” across from PCC but concerned about lack of parking
  • Preference for low-rise to mid-rise development
  • Outdoor seating should be encouraged and located in areas with adequate sidewalk space and appropriate buffers from vehicles
  • Important to have more retail and commercial uses, restaurants, and gathering spaces that activate the streetscape
  • Improve existing auto-oriented uses to be more pedestrian-friendly if they remain
  • Consider replacing auto-oriented uses with more commercial, retail, and restaurant uses
  • More improvements to the streetscape including, street trees, landscaping, benches, trash bins, high-visibility crosswalks and quality architecture