Lincoln Avenue


Round 1 Workshop

Your Goals - Getting Specific


The Planning & Community Development Department hosted the first community workshop on the Lincoln Avenue Specific Plan on June 14, 2018. The goal of the workshop was to solicit input on the vision and desired land uses and urban form of the area.

Workshop Agenda and Materials

Participants were provided a brief introductory presentation on the Specific Plan Update program, the General Plan vision for the plan area, and background information. For the majority of the workshop, participants were divided into small groups with facilitated discussions on particular topics. The main objective of the workshop was to solicit feedback from the community, rather than reach consensus on any particular topic.

The following are workshop materials and event photographs.

What We Heard

More than 50 community members attended the workshop and provided feedback on the future of Lincoln Avenue. The following represents major themes that emerged during the small group discussion and comments received.

  • Desire for new housing opportunities, particularly affordable and multi-family 
  • Neighborhood compatibility and complimentary architectural styles are of great importance to the community 
  • Design of new buildings should encourage and support people to walk around the neighborhood
  • Preference to limit building heights to 2 or 3 stories, however buildings adjacent to the freeway could be taller
  • Desire for landscaped setbacks on mixed-use residential projects 
  • Preference for neighborhood serving uses that support and cater to youth and families
  • Support for mixed-use development that include neighborhood serving uses on the ground floor near Washington 
  • Create a focal point in the area that embraces the Rosebowl and Arroyo Seco
  • Continue the prohibition (or limit) of off-site alcohol sales, such as in liquor stores, but allow on-site alcohol sales in restaurants
  • General desire to preserve and repurpose existing industrial uses/ land for future job opportunities, but facade and other improvements were expressed
  • A more inviting pedestrian environment with outdoor spaces for people to gather
  • Wider sidewalks with greenspace that include shade trees is desired 
  • Additional street furniture, including benches, light fixtures, and trash receptacles 
  • General desire for more public art
  • Connect Lincoln Boulevard through streetscape improvements
  • Support for a variety of parking options, such as on-street angled parking and shared parking
  • Desire for more bike-related infrastructure and amenities, such as bike racks, lockers, and bike sharing opportunities
  • More pedestrian crosswalks at key intersecions is desired
  • General traffic management improvements were expressed